MCAT Shenanigans: Rebecca Black > Kaplan Premier

this book is utter fail. Kaplan Premier 2007-2008 ed. The more I'm going through it, the more I'm wondering whether it was a good purchase. Considering I got it used for 14 bucks, I guess it wasn't a bad deal, but the stuff in this book can be easily found online, as you'll only find very very very basic information. If I wanted a list of equations and a picture of a cell, I could easily google this information. The lack of practice problems after each section also makes this book really pointless. I suppose it's alright as a VERY quick refresher/checklist for topics to study further using other resources, which I why I'm continuing to flip through this thing, since I don't have much time until my first exam, and I've only started studying recently :D I will definitely use another book for my July exam!

Also, for anyone wondering, the orgo section is utter utter utter crap. You'll find nothing but mechanisms, and you'll probably be shooting yourself in the foot by trying to memorize them all.

On a side note, Rebecca Black is the COOLEST CHICK EVER.

Man I wish I looked that nice.
She's 7 years younger than I am and has 7x the looks! =[

If I were her, I'd be crying. I'd decline interviews. I'd crawl into the nearest hole I could find and hide there until the Friday fad died. But she took the crap pretty well for being 13 and just smiled it off. Plus she appeared in some pretty awesome spoofs afterwards. WE SO EXCITED ABOUT CAR SAFETY! I was sold after watching her Funny or Die April Fool's day analysis of Friday, in which bowls and cereal represented CONSUMERIISSMMM. Front seat? Back seat? FOREIGN POLICY. Hahahhahaha. WIN!