Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Why is this fondness for snow? Those fluffy, immaculate white, pillow-soft (are they?) form of matter. Since my childhood days, I have this certain fancy for them until now in my adulthood. I live in a tropical country wherein there are just 2 seasons, so the thought of touching a ball of snow is vague for we don't have winter here. (sigh)

Unless I get to travel in other countries in the near future like Australia ( visit the Koalas, go to Kangaroo Island or go to the Blue and Snowy Mountains!), London (also to see Big Ben, which according to one of my Korean students isn't really big duh! what's her exact definition of big then? ), US or perhaps Canada (see the man-made Niagara Falls).

Even my alias on my web avatars have "snow" in them : Snow White(I am Snow White of my high school peer group not that I am white but because I'm the tallest girl!; snowy, for my twitter and alias in some sites.)
In the very near future, I could even name one of my kids "Snowy" or "Snowsky" ( gosh, doesn't sound good I think) More like endearments for pets. Just kidding.

I have watched on video some who had their first experiences with snow- how they were truly amazed, rolling over the ground like kids who have just stepped outside to play! Maybe I would do a similar thing during my first encounter with snow then or even way crazier than that.

Having a White Christmas as the song goes is also my dream, of gazing into tall pine trees covered with snow dust in what could be one magical winter wonderland!(must be the inner child in me bringing up these thoughts!) Well, it's really like that don't you think? We tend to wish or desire for things we don't have while those who have them at times feel dread for they abhor cold weather.

But still, I want to experience that, put on my coat and mittens with matching boots and scarves. (of course even if you're trembling, freezing to death, you must still have a fashion sense to flaunt!)Take hold of a mould of snow and get ready to attack and play snow fight!

And oh! To build my own snowman or snow woman but I want an enormous one more like the abominable snowman himself! Will clothe and style it too and take lots of pictures of it so my friends would be green with envy when they get to see them.

I would like also to try skiing or snow boarding and go to the ski resorts, observe some ongoing ski jobs there. That would be one heck of a wondrous adventure then! These dreams must come true soon then so I may pack my bags and fly away!