About Rebecca Black

When I first heard of Rebecca Black, I saw the Katy Petty music video "TGIF" and I didn't know who she was. I thought she was like one of those rich people who are famous for not being famous, like the Kardashans or something. But tonight watching Dateline Primetime, I find out she was just a YouTube breakout and 13. I didn't even know she was 13!!! I thought she was like 21 or something. Say what you say about Rebecca Black, I found out she has gotten a lot of flack and death threats. That is just wrong. First the machine makes kids want fame and then when they get it it feels like a punishment. Why can't we be happy for people? They really are jealous people. I don't care if she has talent or not, there is a reason we are talking about her, like her fame ride itself out. She's 13 for god's sake, she is still a kid, just a kid. If you think she is untalented, then go ahead and do the same and see if you will get the same fame. So yeah basic